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Published: 25th July 2011
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Asp.Net is a web development technology by Microsoft which builds dynamic and interactive websites, web applications & web services. ASP.NET is a server side scripting technology that enables scripts to be executed by an Internet server. Outsourcing of Asp.Net application development exhibits optimized coding while building large scale application. Websites build in ASP.NET are easy to write, maintain & deploy. These web pages are executed at server side which gives the application more flexibility. Outsourcing of Asp.Net makes the process of website development better manageable in its runtime environment. Asp.Net application development is compatible will most of the technology languages. Asp.Net web development have contributed to various industries, for eg IT Services/ IT Consulting industry, Insurance Group industry, Print Media industry, Travel & Tourism industry, Music & Entertainment industry, Sports industry, Manufacturing & Service Industry , Automotive Industry, etc.

Mindfire developed the entire reporting system module. The requirement was to get the data files in form of MDB files from stores and get the data migrated into the SQL 2005 database server from where the reporting system will be using them to generate the reports. This involved writing windows service that will poll the store manager PC for the daily MDB file and then pick up the file and upload it on to the centralised server. Once the MDB file reaches the centralised server it will be picked up by another windows service running on it that will parse and then migrate the data into the corresponding SQL server 2005 database. The reporting web application would then access these migrated data and generate the various reports that are there. All the reports are accessed based on the different user roles set in the system. There is also an admin interface to maintain and as well upload the MDB files manually incase the automated process fails.

Mindfire Solutions is a leading offshore Asp.Net application development company in India. Mindfire has worked upon various Asp.Net projects relating to different industries. For example the Music & Entertainment industry gives lot of scope for Asp.Net application Development. Mindfire have executed various projects in this industry and a couple of them are discussed here. Mindfire worked upon a project called called "Auto Notify System". This project involved the development of a Auto notify email module. The primary technology used were Asp.Net 2.0, & SQL Server 2005. Another project named as 'RSS Feed Module" related to the music & entertainment industry was also developed by Mindfire. The project demanded specific types of user accounts having option of creating "my feed", which would have similar content to the e-mail alerts they would receive. Mindfire delivered this project successfully. To know more details about our Asp.Net application development projects, please free to visit our Asp.Net Development projects.

Mindfire Solutions have deep expertise in Asp.Net web development. We provide a range of services in Asp.Net application development with the support of our dedicated Asp.Net developers/programmers. The services provided by us are ASP.NET Web application development services, ASP.NET Programming, ASP.NET and Java Integration, ASP.NET Web Services development and ASP.NET Maintenance and support Service.

If you would like to hire out .Net developers/programmer or Outsource your Asp.Net requirements, please contact us at or call 1-248-686-1424.

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